Mr. Thirsty

evil magic sword

weapon (melee)

Successful hit Level Drains: Target gets a Will save DC15. If you fail, you lose d24 XP or if it’s a “monster”, it loses d8 HP and it’s attack die drops by a die.

Requires that a new wielder performs 3 deeds with his/her bare hands.

Flames when drawn.

This is a super Evil sword created by the [[:Immortal King]]. He gave it to his lieutenant, Flotus, who was that mummy in the Caverns of Thracia.

Life drained by the sword is what keeps the King alive. The sword is his phylactery.

The wielder of the sword is expected to serve the interests of The Immortal King. You’re stuck with that sword for life, once you performed the deeds.

If the wielder is killed, he rises from the dead the following night. He can only be destroyed by complete bodily destruction.

The sword can only be destroyed by a Wish or something as crazy powerful.

Currently owned by Content Not Found: Fidget, who has one more deed to go.


Mr. Thirsty

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